Posted on: April 5, 2008 12:25 pm

Good Eatin Joints / Good Cities!

One thing I love about road trips are the good eating joints...not that I'm a fat ass or anything, I just enjoy eating food from different regions of the US...I'm always on the look out for that eating joint that has great food, but isn't nationally known or someplace that is well known that keep people coming back for more.  A few off the top of my head are:

"Olive Branch Catfish Co."  in Olive Branch Mississippi (just south of Memphis)...good fish good eating!

"Interstate BBQ in Memphis Tenn".....best BBQ in the world!

"Pete Place" in Krebbs Oklahoma...great Italian!  Immigrant family from way back does in right in OK!

Can some of y'all help me out please?...I need to be in the know on some of these places!

P.S.  I'm going to give a shout out to Memphis as a place to visit if your looking for a good time...Good food and Good entertainment down on Beal St...(oh yeah "Blue plate Cafe" for breakfast)

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