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Posted on: May 2, 2008 10:13 pm

Paula Abdul is killing American Idol!

Recently I post a people who suck list...one of the distinguished members of this list was Randy Jackson (American Idol judge).  I will still maintain that Jackson is a pure buffoon, but I think his assholery has been surpassed by Paula Abdul...As my man Puremarble pointed out on an earlier blog "She is terrible and a horror show".

I'm sure anybody who watched American Idol (most of you who have wives) can agree to the fact that Paula's latest debacle clearly answers the suspicions that this beotch is on drugs or drunk!   She actually thought that a contestant (Jason Castro) had performed twice, when in fact he performed once!   She absolutely made a fool of herself and gave speculation to the idea that the show may be somewhat scripted....However, as a fan of the show...I refuse to believe that it could possible be scripted (I'm naive...I know).   I think that it's time the highest rated show on television cuts ties with this blubbering diva, who can't speak in complete sentences, and hires somebody that actually represents the true intelligence of females.

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