Posted on: March 13, 2008 3:15 pm

OKman's People Who Suck List!

Here is a short list of people who I believe...well....basically SUCK!  Now there are many more people out there who suck, but I thought I would start off with these five just for the heck of it.  I'm sure there is someone out there who I will be offending, but oh...what the hell.

LEE CORSO....failed football coach turned college football analyst, proves week in and week out the reason his a$$ got fired from Indiana...Corso has become nothing more than a glorified mascot for ESPN's game day and has time and time again been portrayed by his employer as the Village Idiot!...which is pretty much dead on...Kudos to ESPN for seeing the error of there ways and exploiting this moron...but shame on them for ever putting him on the air.

RANDY JACKSON... What the hell was Fox and American Idol thinking giving this inarticulate moron a forum to express his opinion on other people.  He has become so predictable in what he says, I can basically tell what is coming out of his mouth before he even says it...here are some samples of his banter..."yo yo so check this out."..."yeah, yeah, dawg that was hot!"...."it wasn't good for me"...."started off a little so so"...."it was a little pitchy."...anyway he is supposed to be an expert offering constructive criticism, instead he has become an expert in destroying human intelligence.

DARRYL ROYAL...This guy is the definition of the ultimate traitor...unfortunately he was successful...which basically is the reason he sucks...let me tell you something, if you turn your back on a university and have the audacity to coach at its arch rival, at least have the common courtesy to suck at what you do...people will not hate you as much.

ROGER CLEMENS...This guy thinks that everybody in the USA is stupid...he thinks people love him so much, he can offer up some BS lies and we will all buy it...Why can't he just say "hey..I did it, I wanted to remain at the top of my game and took some shizz!"...he reminds me of a child who can't admit they are wrong...this guy obviously didn't learn from Pete Rose, who lied to America for years and basically lost all credibility...even when he did fess up, we had been lied to for so long it didn't matter.  You suck really bad Roger!

BRITANNY SPEARS...Brit...News Flash: You are no longer an adolescent teenager who everybody thinks is cute...you are a disgusting skank who lost custody of you kids to Keven F-ing Federline...are you kidding me....F-ing K Fed...you have hit more that rock bottom.  You are officially lower than whale dung...Here is a thought. Quit boozing and popping pills, go get a make over, drop about 20 lbs and start singing again!  It's not to late to keep from becoming the biggest celebrity joke of all time...but time is running out. 

Fell free to add to my People Who Suck list...or add to my rants from the above list.

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